Small Steps

Small Steps

I was well aware, when I decided to take my hobby more seriously two and a half years ago, that there are millions of starving artists in the world. Whilst I can’t yet say that I’ve been “discovered”, I love it when I’m contacted by various people who show an interest in my work.

Today, for example. I received a message on my Instagram account from the editor of a London based art journal wanting to include my work in the next issue. For me, that’s a big deal. So is getting an email from a gallery in Lisbon a few weeks ago, wanting to show some of my work next April. I had never heard of this gallery, they had selected me from all the hundreds or thousands of artists out there in cyber space who theymust look at, hoping to get some of them to want to show their work. I’d say that’s a result, even if I decide not to go with it.

The art journal is an easy decision… I send some images of my work, a brief description, and hopefully I get included.

The Lisbon gallery is more difficult, as I have to pay for my work to be shipped there. with no guarantees of sales to even cover that cost. It’s a tough call, because the dates I’ve been given are just a couple of weeks before my debut in New York at Artexpo17 with Steidel Fine Art. I also have to pay for shipping my work to NYC, and for my space at the fair. As with so many things in life, it’s all about timing.

In the meantime, I’m submitting 5 pieces of work to the London Contemporary Art competition. The winner receives a small amount of money, but more importantly, 12 months representation at The Store Street Gallery in Bloomsbury.

Fingers, paint brushes and palette knives crossed!

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